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Our delicatessen is stocked with a massive range of exciting quality products from some of the country's top suppliers. Condiments, sauces, preserves, desserts, wine, cheese, luxury confectionery, herbs, spices...the list goes on.

Our range is too large to show everything, so come into the shop or give us a ring to explore our full range which includes a wide choice of our own-label products.

Some of our main suppliers are showcased below with links to their websites (just click the picture) so you can explore their wide range of products. If we don't stock it, we can get it for you.

cheese Dewlay Cheeses fosters Fosters Traditional Foods curry Madubhan Curry Sauce

A wide choice of tasty traditional cheeses made in Lancashire including classics such as Lancashire and Blacksticks Blue

A fantastic range of individual and collection packs of preserves.

Authentic curry sauces handmade from a blend of traditional spices.

opies Opies hawkshead Hawkshead Relish olive The Real Olive Co

From our world-famous pickled walnuts through to our range of cocktail cherries and luxury bottled fruit and our tasty selection of pickles, we aim to provide everything you need to keep your family happy - delicious accompaniments to everyday meals as well as products that help transform a simple gathering into a party occasion.

Hawkshead Relish award winning range handmade with passion in the English Lake District using only the finest ingredients. For Chutney and Pickles, Relish and Sauces, Mustards and Salsa, Jam and Jelly, Marmalade and Preserves, Pastes and Butters, Honey and Vinegars... it's your choice!

We now offer over 50 varieties of olives to include Kalamata Jumbo, Green Mammoth, Portuguese Galega and the Egyptian Colossal, as well as a large range of antipasti, olive oils, cheeses and much more.

Anthon Berg Anthon Berg John Lusty John Lusty crabbies Crabbies

With over 125 years of experience producing fine chocolate, Anthon Berg is a name now recognised around the world. From the very first batch in 1884, it has been our abiding principle to produce chocolate that meets highest standards for taste, texture and aesthetics.

A range of special recipe soups made from the finest ingredients. Chowder, bisque, game, watercress and stilton are just some of the flavours available.

Made from a secret recipe, Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer has 4 top secret ingredients. We combine these with steeped ginger, which we still ship all the way from the Far East, just as the first Scots Merchant Adventurers did all those years ago

Belvoir Belvoir Fruit Farms mawsons Mawsons wine Berkmann

For generations, country people have been making fruit cordials as a way of preserving summer fruits to enjoy over the winter months. Our range of naturally delicious cordials are made using the same traditional methods. They contain masses of pressed fresh fruits, freshly-picked flowers and cooked spices so they taste deliciously real.

Sarsaparilla, Cream Soda and Dandelion and Burdock cordials made from natural ingredients. Great diluted with still or sparkling spring water for that special refreshing drink.

We have a special selection of white, red, rose and sparkling wines from Berkmann to suit all budgets. We are sure you will find the ideal accompaniment for your special meal.

bramble Bramble Foods cartmel Cartmel Sticky Puddings glacau Glaceau Vitamin Water

Bramble Foods offers a premium range of preserves, marmalades, honeys, chutneys, sauces, pickles, cakes, biscuits and confectionery all made with the highest quality ingredients to traditional recipes.

All our puds are made by hand from 100% natural ingredients. As well as the original sticky toffee pudding, the range now includes other flavours such as ginger and lemon drizzle.

Glacéau vitamin water is specially formulated to help people on the go feel better, perform better, and live healthy lives. It provides drinkers with a convenient way to get more of the nutrients they need to make it through their day.

Cottage Delight Cottage Delight Fine Cheese The Fine Cheese Company mabeans Ma Bean's Puddings

Only the finest ingredients and traditional production methods are used to make our wide range of award winning jams, marmalades, chutneys and confectionery, all of which deliver that home made look and taste which Cottage Delight is renowned for.

The Fine Cheese Co. is a maturer, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of artisan British cheeses, most of which are unpasteurised and all of which are traditionally made. We also supply a range of crackers and chutneys to complement our fine cheeses.

Ma Bean's is an award winning mother and daughter business producing quality products with all the taste of traditional home baking. We use free range eggs from our own flock of happy hens and all natural ingredients with no flavourings or anything nasty you wouldn't add yourself!

fentimans Fentimans tracklements Tracklements    

Every bottle of Fentimans is
created using our special "Botanical Brewing" recipe which utilizes infusion, boiling, and the natural process of fermentation. Botanical ingredients and natural plant substances such as root, bark,
flowers, etc. are placed into the
brewing liquid to infuse it with their unique botanical characteristics.

For nearly 40 years we have been making condiments which we are proud to serve on our own tables. We aim to make all of our products taste as good as the best homemade. The best way to do this is to make them in the same manner as homemade; with all natural, fresh ingredients, handmade in small batches. We even grind our own mustard from whole seed and spices.