BBQ butterflied leg of lamb
[ Thursday 26th July 2012 ]  By Geoff  e

As the Great British summer is now upon us, we’re going to show you how to create that wow-factor at your own BBQ with this mouth-watering centrepiece.

What you’ll need:
• A Barbeque with a lid
• Tin foil
• A leg of lamb - come into Riley’s and Geoff will butterfly the leg of lamb and marinade in a choice of pesto rosso or rosemary and mint – making your job easy!

1. Light the barbeque and allow it to gain an optimum heat. The coals should be glowing.
2. Wrap the lamb in tin foil.
3. Place the lamb on a rack above the glowing coals
4. Close the lid and cook for 90 minutes.
5. Take the tin foil off the lamb, slice and enjoy.
If you have an open barbeque, then follow steps 1-4, but cook for 35 minutes turning the lamb halfway through.
Serve with:
A selection of fresh vegetables and Riley’s deli items from our shop.
Of course we also stock a range of BBQ favourites including steaks, kebabs, sausages and burgers. These are available in our special hampers.
We recommend either peppered steak sauce, smoke chipotle gourmet sauce, lemon, coriander and pink peppercorn or our special burger sauce.